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Nuclear Industry

Specific applications


Waste control and dismantling material

The BANCO is an industrial control bench designed to certify the non-radioactivity of any material before or after its integration to the production process.

When one of the pre-set threshold levels is exceeded, the monitor displays gamma contamination and triggers the alarms.

The BANCO features the same detectors, electric components, equipment and softwares than any other Saphymo non-radioactivity monitor. It allows the user to :

  • detect very low radioactive sources
  • measure total activity (Bq) and specific activity (Bq/kg)
  • control more than 4 tons of materials per hour, with a detection limit of 3.10-3 Bq/g of 60Co


Measured radiation
γ and X
4 detectors with a 100 x 50 cm sensitive surface
Energy range
From 50 keV to 7 MeV
Detection system
shielded tunnel on the 5 sides, to reduce background effects
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