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Saphydose Gamma i

Operational electronic Hp(10) dosimeter for X and Gamma rays

Saphydose γ-i operational dosimeter measures the Hp (10)  X and γ dose in real time.
It can be used individually or as part of our dosimetry management systems.

The dosimeter is meant for people working in a controlled area  (Nuclear Power Plant, fuel reprocessing plant, research centre, hospital, non destructive testing service …) or likely to be exposed (army, police, fire brigade …).

Saphydose Gamma i is appreciated for its sturdy aluminium housing, its high resistance to electromagnetic fields, its battery life, its reliability and ergonomics.


Radiation type
X and Gamma
Detector type
2 energy-compensated silicon diodes
Dose measurement range
From 1 µSv to 9 999,9 mSv
Dose rate measurement range
From 0,5 µSv/h to 5 Sv/h
Energy range
From 50 keV to 7 MeV
Sound and visual
5 scrolling alphanumeric characters LCD screen
Battery lifetime
8000h of operation with 2 batteries
Recording of dose and dose rate history
Operating temperature
From - 20 to + 50 °C
IP 65

technisches Datenblatt :

pdf Saphydose Gamma i Dosimeter datasheet [09/10/2015 10:01] 238 Ko.
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